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Shifter Server Rules
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The following admin guidelines have been written for KroNos Prime, but may be adopted by any server owner/admin in the community. If you will be using these rules for your server, please indicate it in this thread for all players to see.

Players, if you have a problem with an admin, PM or T-mail the server owner or representitive. It is not a good idea to vent your frustration on the public forum. It only makes you look like a disgruntled cry-baby. Resolve the issue one on one or a mediator.

Server Admin Guidelines

All Servers that are open to the public require some form of administration to maintain a fair and orderly gaming environment. For this reason, selected individuals enjoy some administrative privileges on the server. Super Admin(SA) is reserved for (1) the server owner, (2) The Mod Developer, (3) Cross-Server Owner Admins, and (4) Individuals who have shown exceptional leadership in the community. Admin (A) privileges are given to individual players that are veterans of the game and have the willingness to teach new players "the game."

The following Guidelines will be used:
1. Do not quickly use admin powers to do what a vote can do.
2. Do not change the game time or set the game clock to unlimited. Players must vote for 10 minute extensions. (See Rule 1)
3. Do not change a players team. Let the server do its job, unless Fair Teams is off. Then balance the teams numerically and by skill.
4. Do not turn off/on team damage. (See Rule 1)
5. Do not Change maps even if the map your on sucks. (See Rule 1) If the map is bad, let the server owner know about it for removal.
6. Do not Kick or Ban a player just because someone else told you to. (See Rule 1)
7. Do not get into an Admin vs. Admin situation in game. Use t-mail.
8. Do warn and if necessary, Mute voice pack spammers.
9. Do warn and place a player in Observer for no more than 5 minutes for the following infractions:
Intentional Team Killing (first time)
Intentional foul play. (Blocking doorways, Base Killing) (First time)
Disrespectful behavior (excessive trash talk beyond normal pwned messages. (First Time)
Racial slurs of any kind, even if the player is joking. (first time)
Foul Language and name calling. Players who personally attack other players or act in a way to undermine the fun on the server will be warned, muted, placed in Observer or kicked and possibly banned (First time)
10. Do kick for the second infraction of all items in Rule 8, plus:
1 map AFK(When Server is full). If a player is going to be AFK for more than 1 map(When Server is full) they should leave and make room for someone that wants to play.
11. Do Ban a player if he/she returns to the server after being kicked and continues with their bad behavior.
12. Do Reset the server if it is crashing too often to refresh the memory. Warn all players before resetting.

Permanent Banning players is reserved for the Server Owner or their representative. All Admins are to report habitual bad players to the server owner. Admins are asked to remain respectful, even though there is a jerk trying to get you to lose your cool. Follow the guidelines.

Do not abuse your Admin privilege. Any Admin who is thought to be abusing their Rights will have them suspended or removed. Admins are to try and stay low key and not interfere with game play. You are there to ensure the server runs smoothly and deal with those players who insist on ruining everyones fun.

For KroNos, the server owner is ZaarKahn
and TerroX is the representitive.

For the -}(+){-Dark Assassins-}(+){- Server, Owner

is ()Renegade and the representitive will be choosen at

different time.